The CEOP Academy

Postgraduate Certificate in Behavioural Forensic Psychology

Providing child protection through a greater understanding of how sex offenders operate is the driving force behind the launch of the new CEOP Academy.

The new CEOP Academy will, for the first time, offer an academic qualification for specialists involved in dealing with child sex offenders and child abuse. This will offer continuous development for professionals working in the child protection environment.

Protection through understanding

Law enforcement officers, child protection specialists and investigators can now register their interest in enrolling on the new CEOP Academy Postgraduate Certificate in Behavioural Forensic Psychology – credit recognised by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).

Department of Psychology, UCLan

The Postgraduate Certificate in Behavioural Forensic Psychology has been developed in partnership with the Department of Psychology at UCLan. The Department has an impressive reputation for research, most of which falls within one of three main areas of research activity: Social Psychology, Health Psychology and Cognition. The department received a 3A rating in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise.

Course Outline

In order to achieve the Post Graduate Certificate, students need to undertake the following CEOP modules:

PS3851: Understanding Child Sex Offenders
PS3852: Interviewing Child Sex Offenders
PS4841: Internet Sex Offenders
PS4852: Advanced Techniques for Interviewing Child Sex Offenders

After attending each of the above modules, students will be required to sit an examination to demonstrate their learning. Students who have passed all four modules will be eligible to progress to the fifth and final module:

  • PS4853 – Advanced Topics with Sex Offenders: Assessment, Intervention and Witness Skills

CEOP Academy Exam Days

15th November 2010 in London
6th December 2010 - London
10th January 2011 - Birmingham

Should you have any queries concerning this, please do not hesitate to contact our office and speak to our training team on 0207 238 2314/2372 or email

Advanced Topics with Sex Offenders: Assessment, Intervention and Witness Skills

February 2011
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Retrospective Credit

Students who have attended any of the four CEOP modules in the last three years who wish to enrol with the CEOP Academy, can apply to take the examinations for the modules they have previously attended to gain retrospective credit. For further details, or to check your eligibility to apply for retrospective credit, contact the training team.

Student Criteria

Enrollment into the CEOP Academy is only open to individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Recent experience of conducting interviews with child sex offenders; or
  • Recent experience of producing clinical risk assessments relating to child sex offenders; or
  • Recent experience of child sex offender management and/or risk assessment within the community or the justice system.

Please note that the Foundation Course in Understanding Child Sex Offenders( PS3851), The Use of The Internet by Child Sex Offenders (PS4851), Interviewing Sex Offenders (PS3852) and The Advanced Interview Techniques with Child Sex Offenders 3-day Master Class (PS4852) must be completed before students can advance onto the 5th module.

CEOP reserves the right to refuse admission to the Academy to any individual who does not in CEOP’s opinion meet the above criteria. Students who are unsure whether they meet the criteria should contact the training team to confirm their eligibility before registering with the CEOP Academy.

How much will it cost?

CEOP Academy students will be charged a one off enrolment fee of £150. This fee covers the cost of all CEOP Academy course materials and examination fees.

The enrolment fee is in addition to the standard fees charged for each of the five modules which comprise the Postgraduate Certificate in Behavioural Forensic Psychology.

How to enrol

If you are interested in becoming one of our students, click here to complete the CEOP Academy enrolment form.