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Corporate publications


CEOP's new Thematic Assesment, The Foundations of Abuse, is available on the National Crime Agency website.


Threat Assessment of Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse - 2013-14
Download PDF 363KB

Annual Review 2012-13 and Centre Plan 2013-14
Download PDF 607KB

Annual Review 2011-12 and Centre Plan 2012-13
Download PDF 809KB

Threat Assessment of Child Sexual Expolitation and Abuse - 2012-13
Download PDF 588KB

Three Year Strategy  - 2012-15
Download PDF 500KB 

A Picture of Abuse - 2012
Download PDF 477KB

Child Trafficking Update - 2011
Download PDF 486KB

Out of Mind, Out of Sight - 2011
Executive Summary -
Thematic assessment
Download PDF, 842KB

Out of Mind, Out of Sight - 2011
Thematic assessment
Download Zipped PDF, 700KB

Annual Review 2010-11 and Centre Plan 2011-12
Download PDF, 2000KB

Scoping Report on Missing and Abducted Children 2011
Download PDF, 1400Kb

Relationship Management Strategy
Download PDF, 1000Kb 

Introduction to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

Leaflet explaining the work of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre
Download PDF, 369Kb

CEOP Annual Review 2009-2010

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CEOP Annual Review 2008-2009

Download PDF, 1.6Mb

CEOP Annual Review 2007-2008

Download PDF, 2.3Mb

CEOP Strategic Overview 2009-2010

Download PDF, 1.5Mb

CEOP Strategic Overview 2008-2009

Download PDF, 2.12Mb

CEOP Strategic Overview 2007-2008

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The trafficking of women and children from Vietnam - 2011

Download PDF, 868Kb

Hidden Children 2011The trafficking and exploitation of children within the home - 2011

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Business Plan 2010-2011

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre Business Plan for 2010 to 2011
Download PDF, 2500kb

Strategic Threat Assessment Child Trafficking in the UK 2010

Download PDF, 310Kb

Working in Partnership

CEOP principles on reporting online child sexual exploitation
Download PDF, 310Kb

Protecting The Public in a Changing Communications

A public consultation – government proposals to ensure communications data remains available for future electronic communications services
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External publications

ACPO Child Sexual Exploitation Action Plan

Download PDF, 0.3 Mb

UKCCIS - Click Clever Click Safe

The first UK Child Internet Safety Strategy
Download PDF, 2.2 Mb

ACPO 2009 Guidance on Investigating Child Abuse and Safeguarding Children

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Download PDF, 2.1Mb

Position from ACPO Lead’s on Child Protection and Cannabis Cultivation on Children and Young People Recovered in Cannabis Farms

Download PDF, 345kb

ACPO CPAI Lead’s Position on Young People Who Post Self-Taken Indecent Images 

Download PDF, 398kb

IYAC publications

IYAC Children and Young Persons' Global Online Charter

Download PDF, 443Kb

IYAC Children and Young Persons' Global Online Charter - Supplementary Document

Download PDF, 726Kb