Partners and Supporters


The assistance CEOP receives from its partners and supporters enables us to do even more ground-breaking child protection work than would be possible on our own.

The profound commitment of our partners and supporters to wanting to make a real difference to tackling child exploitation means that CEOP has embedded into its operating model a truly holistic approach to the cross-sector sharing of skills, expertise and technology.

The support we receive takes many forms and has grown organically to meet the ever-changing nature of the crime. This includes tactical support to operations, the embedding of staff within the Centre to share knowledge and expertise, the enhancement of CEOP’s technical capabilities and the joint design of safer online environments.

Our work covers a wide range of issues and we welcome suggestions on how your organisation could support any area of our work. However, to help guide your thinking the appendix contained at the back of CEOP's Relationship Management Strategy identifies a number of priority areas where we think external support could directly increase our ability to protect children and bring offenders to account.

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